Our Senior Staff


  • Yvonne-Harris
    Yvonne Harris
    Registered Veterinary Technician, Inventory Manager

    I’m Yvonne Harris and I have worked at Crabapple Knoll Veterinary Clinic for over 20 years. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician, I’m a co-manager for the other technicians, co-manage inventory and one of the lab techs for inside reference lab. I love to hike, read and garden. I have two kitties, Owen and Bibbidy, and a cute little dog named Elwood. All of them were rescued from our clinic. I truly love my job because it’s challenging, I have great co-workers and I love being surrounded by animals all day everyday!

  • Veterinary Technician
    Annie Harris
    Veterinary Technician

    Hi, I'm  Annie Harris. I have worked at Crabapple Knoll Veterinary Clinic for 21 years. I am a Vet Tech Supervisor and Lab Technician Manager. I'm originally from  Minneapolis, MN but raised in Woodstock, GA.  I am Fear Free certified and excel at Emergency Triage and Phlebotomy.  The things I enjoy most about my job is that every day is different and I have the best co-workers! When I'm not at work I enjoy True Crime , Reading, Video Games, Peloton and Orange-theory Obsessed. I have a Terrier Tribe- Ingrid, Stu, and Ollie, Cat Tribe- Peanut, Bellatrix, and Phineas.

  • Derek-Moore
    Derek Moore
    Veterinary Technician

    Derek has been working at Crabapple Knoll for 9 years. He loves all animals large and small. Derek grew up on a farm in Mississippi, where he worked in the ICU at Mississippi Veterinary College. In his down time he enjoys doing DIY projects around the house and adventuring in the outdoors. 

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    Kristen Hall
    Veterinary Technician

    I have been working at Crabapple 17 years now, I started as a receptionist and then transferred to technician.  I'm from Georgia born and raised, grew up in Gwinnett and moved to Cherokee when I was in High school and have been there ever since.

    I have 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl who keep me busy, I work part time at Crabapple and part time with a mobile vet as well as attending school to get a degree in dental hygiene. I have 2 dogs a lab mix Lucy and a pug Rosie Posie. We also have 2 guinea pigs, Chocky and Peaches. I love working in Veterinary Medicine because every day is different and not only am I able to help animals but also be there to guide clients through being a pet parent and the joys and difficulties that go along with it. I love that every day is different at Crabapple and you never know what can come in the door. And I also love the friends and relationships I have developed in the years I have been here. 

  • Kristen-Quinlan
    Kristen Quinlan
    Registered Veterinary Technician, Inventory Manager, Intern Manager

    I’ve worked at Crabapple Knoll for 21years. I grew up in Evansville, IN. Graduated from Purdue University in 1996 with a BS in Biology.  I lived in Richmond VA, Charlottesville VA, and Manhattan before moving to Atlanta in 2000. In my free time (haha) I enjoy traveling with my family, camping, hiking, letting my children beat me at video games, baking, and CrossFit.  I am active in the local and national Purdue Alumni Association and the local Big10 Alumni Club Leadership. I've had numerous pets during my life, but currently have a 13yr old Mastiff/Lab mix named Bella, a 4 year old Great Dane named Lyuben, and a sassy kitty named Indominous Rex Snowball (Rexie).   I have the amazing opportunity to manage our high school and college interns, and I also help manage Inventory.  My favorite aspect of life at Crabapple Knoll is that each day is different.  I love the ability to see everything from new puppies to complicated surgeries along with anything in-between on any given day.  It's certainly never boring, and I get to do all that with THE BEST staff anywhere.


  • Front Desk Manager
    Morgan Anderson
    Front Desk Manager

    I have worked at CKVC for 17 years and am now the head receptionist. I love helping people take care of their pets and getting to see the diversity of pets that come to the clinic. 

    Outside of work I am passionate about kayaking, hiking, and camping. I have 2 of the sweetest dogs that love to get outside with me! I also love to read, crotchet, and am into photography.  I am originally from Texas.

    I truly couldn't imagine working anywhere else! The people here have become my second family. And we have some of the best clients and pets that come in! I am truly blessed doing what I love.

  • Jeanmarie-Hedges
    Jeanmarie Hedges
    Receptionist, Adoption Coordinator

    Jeanmarie has been with Crabapple Knoll Veterinary Clinic since December 2014, when she and her family relocated from the Washington DC Metro Area. She loves retired racing Greyhounds and has been active in their rescue since 2006. She currently has two dogs, Owen, a Greyhound, and Fern, a Chocolate Lab. Jeanmarie loves animals and has a soft spot in her heart for the sick, injured, elderly, abandoned and unwanted. Her current position as Adoption Coordinator allows her to pursue this passion. Jeanmarie earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Marymount University, Arlington, VA. In her time off, Jeanmarie enjoys gardening, cooking, boating, reading, soap making, and spending time with her family and pets.

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    Amanda McGinnis

    Amanda has worked at Crabapple Knoll for 8 years as a receptionist. In her down time she enjoys kayaking and going on long hikes with her 2 dogs, Pax and Kuna. In addition to her 2 dogs she also has several sugar gliders and a leopard gecko.

  • Receptionist, Inventory specialist
    Penny Butler
    Receptionist, Inventory specialist

    Penny began working for Dr. Gaston in March 2010. She enjoys welcoming clients and patients into the clinic, as well as developing meaningful relationships with pets and their owners. She is passionate about supporting all of her team members and is thankful to be a member of such an amazing team of professionals. In her spare time, Penny enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with family and friends, and volunteering/partnering with Samaritan's Purse. She also is delighted for the opportunity to work in the veterinary field.

  • Receptionist
    Joanne Ehlinger

    Hi I'm Joanna Ehlinger, I am a Receptionist at Crabapple Knoll.  I began my position 11 years ago in the hopes that I could work in an industry I have always been passionate about....helping and working with animals. I am originally from Michigan and have been in the Atlanta area 37 years. I enjoy hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, Pilates, skiing, tennis, cooking,  live music and most of all spending time with my family. I have 2 dogs Molly and Fitz they are an integral part of our family. I enjoy coming to work every day... it brings me an immense amount of joy knowing I can provide a service to pet owners and the animals they love.

Kennel Managers

  • Kennel Manager
    Sawyer Edgar
    Kennel Manager

    I have worked with Dr. Gaston for about 8 years total between both Veterinary Medical Center and now Crabapple Knoll Veterinary Clinic. I really enjoy working with animals and providing the best care possible for our patients. I also enjoy the supportive environment that you receive in both clinics. I am skilled in small automotive work, as well as, general handyman work. I enjoy working with my hands and solving problems or figuring out how to fix things. I have four dogs; Greta, Hanz, Atreyu, and Gimli, four snakes; George, Pablo, Thelma, and Leeroy, and two large fish tanks. In my spare time I enjoy upgrading anything for my animals, kayaking, playing disc golf, working on my vehicles, riding my motorcycle, or hanging out with my family and friends.

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    Jessica Cooper
    Kennel Manager

    Jessica has worked for Crabapple Knoll  for 7 years. She is from Woodstock GA. Her hobbies include hiking, camping and spending time with my Husband and  3 kids. I have 3 dogs Scarlett, Georgia, and Raiden. I also have 2 ducks JakJak and Howard.  Things I enjoy about my job are being able to care for all the pets that board with us and getting to know our wonderful clients. 


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    Jennifer Kraniak Reed
    Hospital Administrator

    I've worked with Dr. Gaston for 30++ years as Hospital Administrator. I live in Acworth and love running and waterskiing. I have 2 dogs Stormy and D.G.. I also have 2 cats Tippy and Pickles. I am responsible for human resources, financial, operational, business development activities and coordinate physical plant maintenance. 

    What I enjoy about my job and what has kept me working for Dr. Gaston for 30 plus years is watching the care and heart he puts into his clients, employees, and his stray program.   Along with Dr Gaston's joy for teaching we have been able to develop a large intern program for young students interested in become future Veterinarians, which has been exciting to watch and be a part of.  The clinic's healthy work environment and makes it joy to come to work everyday.

  • Stacey-Grant
    Stacey Grant
    I.T. , Website and Social Media Management

    I started working with Dr. Gaston at Veterinary Medical Center in 1996 as a part time receptionist. I loved working with animals and clients so much I quit my day job and stared working full time with Dr. Gaston. I was the Office Manager at Veterinary Medical Center until 2013.  I noticed a need for more of an online presence at both clinics and Dr. Gaston agreed. I started managing all of our online marketing, client communication, reviews, website, and social media. I also manage our in house networks for both clinics.  

    I was born in Atlanta then moved to St. Croix, V.I.  when I was 3. I've lived in South Florida, New Jersey, and New York. I attended Rutgers University for History.  I work closely with our Adoption Coordinator and enjoy helping animals find forever homes.  I love all animals especially cats. I have four cats, 2 Persians, Butters and Neela and 2 adoptions from Crabapple Milo and Katarina.  

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